We require that you call us to initiate remote support to verify that someone is available. You can call us at (336) 701-5750.

You will be required to pay for 1 hour in advance for remote support for a total of $49.00 each hour. We cap remote support at 2 hours, so the most you would have to pay is $98.00 total.

Please click on the link below to remit payment for this service when asked by the technician. If we require an additional hour then the technician will let you know.


Once you pay for remote services, please download the following file to your computer at the below link. 

Remote Support Download

Next, give the highlighted information to the technician and they will be able to remotely control your computer and resolve your issue(s).

Note: The information on your screen will be different than the numbers shown for ID and Password below. Please give the technician the information as it appears on your screen.